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Ashley Heath

and her Heathens

the resonant rogues

Asheville's Fnest Gypsy Jazz outfit

Long Way to Galway

Don't watch if you don't like seeing a fake donkey get punched in the face.


Short - complete film

Short creeper written by and starring the fabulously weird Jennifer Trudrung

Of course it was our pleasure to direct and produce this nightmare...

Now playing on CryptTV

The Last Dufo

Great art is in the eye of the highest bidder....

Short - complete film

Produced in association with The Massada Arts Project. The Last Dufo tells the story of the worlds greatest living artist, his years in seclusion and his final masterpiece.

Commissioned by the always awesome Massada Eyewear


A single-use emergency fall guy - for rent


Created on a low budget with a townful of enthusiastic volunteers, this fun comedy-action-drama follows John Capra, a self-proclaimed 'professional  scapegoat', as he takes the blame for almost anything - for the right price.

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